Service LUBECA

LUBECA has established itself as a regular supplier for stainless steel can seaming machines to international customers. We provide the best possible service with regard to maintenance and repair of your LUBECA machines, no matter how old they are. 

Overhauling of LUBECA Machines

Our company has an optimally equipped workshop available. In case of repairs or overhauling, we are able to take original spare parts directly from our well-stocked parts warehouse with 4,000 items and assemble them. After two or three decades under production conditions, the machines can be generally revised and used for a second production cycle. After all, it is quality “made in Germany.“

Original Spare Parts

All our delivered spare parts as well as complete format sets are exclusively based on original drawings. Depending on the customer preference, we also offer on-site assembly of spare parts. We offer spare parts and service for the LUBECA machines of all ages known worldwide.

Formatsätze LUBECA


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Gebrauchtmaschinen Stand 4-2014